That Didn’t Take Long – Cheap Knockoff Apple Watches

Apple Watch Knockoff

Alibaba is bringing you the new Apple Watch even before Apple and they are cheaper. Only one thing is different, Apple Watches on Alibaba run on Android not on iOS.

Here is what you will find in these knock offs;

  • You can purchase these watches at $40 per unit.
  • Battery life of these watches will be longer than the original Apple Watches.
  • They look exactly like the original watch.
  • Alibaba watches do not have Apple’s sensors for monitoring heart activity.

You can find these watches under the name of iWatch and AW08. The interface of the watch shows the same graphics as well; however Alibaba has shown the courtesy of not calling them Apple Watches. It is stated clearly in their product description that these are not the official Apple Watches. Looks like Alibaba does not want to be sued after all.

A promotion for the knockoffs on Alibaba clearly states that “Knockoff Apple watches have hit the market.”

According to an expert from Beijing, after being advertised online these knockoffs may actually create a market for themselves; especially among those who cannot afford the real item.

According to a lawyer for intellectual property who has the experience of working with Apple says that the company has the sources to shut down the sales of these fake watches; however the process would be time consuming and quite expensive.

Apple will certainly not be pleased about its Watch’s knockoffs floating around in the market as the company prides itself on being exclusive and classy. However the tech giant has not issued any comments on the matter so far and it seems it will not take any action against it as well; they may be not pleased but they are certainly not concerned.

It can be safely said that Alibaba watches will not take away any chunk of Apple’s market share because those who want an Apple Watch will get only the real Apple Watch.

The fakes may cause some frustration among the segment that will buy the real product; but then this is not the first time that a knockoff of a product has been introduced in the market. These knockoffs do not really take away any chunk of the original product’s market share because the expensive products are targeted at a certain segment of consumers who buy nothing but the original item.

Apple on the other hand is already getting a lot of attention from the market. After a few hours of the “Spring Forward” event the number of participants in a cardiovascular study using Apple’s researchKit being conducted by Standford University reached over 10,000 mark. According to the Stanford’s Cardiovascular Health medical director Alan Yeung, getting this many participants usually requires a year and about 50 different centers across the country. ResearchKit was launched at the event held on the 9th of March.

ResearchKit is an open-source platform that has specially been designed to assist researchers in their research work by allowing them to expand their candidate pool for the study and collect accurate data.

With such response to its products and services Apple would be least bothered about knockoffs at the moment.

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