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Senate Won In Favor Of Eliminating City-Run Retirement Plans By A Single Vote

During the Obama administration, a ruling enabled several cities to create their own retirement plans to cover those employees who don’t have access to retirement plans through their jobs. Now, under Trump’s administration, the Senate has voted to undo the ruling. This means that Congress effectively prevents local and state governments from helping employees to […]

Florida Delegation Shows Support for Bad Credit Loans; Advocates Up in Arms

A group of consumer advocates has shown strong response towards the support shown by Florida’s delegation for the U.S. House of Representatives over the payday lending business and the industry as a whole. The consumer advocates sent a common letter signed by all the group members that read – “we strongly disagree with any misconception […]

That Didn’t Take Long – Cheap Knockoff Apple Watches

Alibaba is bringing you the new Apple Watch even before Apple and they are cheaper. Only one thing is different, Apple Watches on Alibaba run on Android not on iOS. Here is what you will find in these knock offs; You can purchase these watches at $40 per unit. Battery life of these watches will […]

OMG Apple Watch is Here Fan Boys Rejoice!

This week the much awaited Apple Watch was finally launched in a media held in San Francisco. Here are some of the details about the Watch. The Price As expected Apple Watch is going to be an expensive gadget specifically designed to capture the high-end segment of the market. The mid-tier watch made of stainless […]

Greece Accuses Germany of Avoiding WWII Nazi Reparations

In April of 1941 during the Second World War, Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy invaded and occupied Greece and was separated into three occupation zones. Forty-thousand Greeks living in Athens died of starvation after the Hitler-led army quashed any sort of rebellion. This occupation lasted for three years until Germany and Bulgaria withdrew from the […]

Google Becomes WPP Biggest Advertising Partner

Google has made huge acquisitions in the past, the company produces smartphones, watches, tablets, Android operating system, it is the biggest search engine in the world, it is experimenting with a full-fledged driverless car, but everyone knows the company gets its big bucks from advertising. And the latest news in this regard came today when […]